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Buying a rifle is less important than buying a rifle scope, the rifle will become useless in ling range without a good rifle scope and this is what most novice shooters fail to understand. What is the use of buying an expensive rifle when you have a scope that was bought for only twenty five dollars? The most important part of a rifle scope is the scope and then the rifle and the least is the bullet.


It is very intimidating when you have no idea about rifle scopes like best rifle scope under 200$. There are numerous scopes in the market for any type of shooting environment or activity so it is best to discuss the different needs of the shooter before you purchase a scope. The different parts of the scope must be learned to be able to make the most of your budget. Rifle scopes have lenses and the size of the lens will determine the type of the lens such as larger lenses are called objective lens and it is located in the farthest end of the rifle's stock. The lens closest to the eye is called the ocular lens and these lenses are housed in an eye piece while an objective lens is housed in an objective bell.


Check for rifle scope comparison where you can read about waterproofing of the scopes because there are scopes that are not designed to be waterproof. Another is a fog proof scope that is ideal when going on early morning hunting where the fog are thickest or in mountainous areas. Telescopes and rifle scopes work practically the same processes and they project the image into the eyes of the shooter becoming larger and seemingly near. They focus the light that passes through the objective lens on a certain point in the scope and it is magnified by the ocular lens. Most of these scopes have reticles or more commonly known as crosshairs and they are markers that tell the shooter where the bullet will hit once it pulls the trigger.


The standard adjustment of most manufactures of scopes is a 100 yard focus and what is means is that the shooter will be able to aim and hit precisely and accurately targets as far as 100 yards away. There are settings that can be adjusted such as magnification settings that will take into consideration parallax error where the changes in the eye of the shooter while shifting position changes the aim of the scope.